Bring Your Images To Life With Large Lenticular Panels

Whether the back wall of a trade show booth, fine art lenticular prints, or simply a large, jaw-dropping addition to a display, adding large format lenticular graphics captivates prospects more effectively than static graphics or video on a digital display!

Tracer has developed a patented alignment system for direct to lens printing, that allows us to align the lens to the bed of the printer perfectly straight. What this means to you, is animations that perform crisp and clean, with no undesirable corner to corner roll often introduced when laminating a print to a lenticular lens.

At Tracer, we understand budget constraints and materials and strive to engineer each project to maximize these material costs, yet yield the most impactful animation possible from your artwork. Tracer offers two levels of service in a way never seen before in lenticular printing.

See for yourself!


Custom Solutions

Tracer's Large Format Custom Solutions offers high-level optimization of your artwork, to achieve true volumetric 3D lenticular, custom Hybrid effects, and a service level unequaled in the industry. Along with the flexibility to create 3D and custom animations, we’ll select from our stable of lens options, each with a specific lenticular effect and viewing application in mind.

Need to approve a proof before the full production run? Oversized? Custom Shapes? Custom Solutions is your solution!

Custom Solutions

Express Solutions

Looking for the same high-quality lenticular for less? Tracer's Express Solutions is our answer to affordable large format lenticular printing. Eliminating the animation build costs and creative consultations, our DIY lenticular builder lets you create stunning pieces, keeping you and your budget happy.

Follow our simple step by step instructions to create your own lenticular artwork!

Express Solutions

Want to learn how to set your files up for success? Check out our Large Format Design Guide